Rental Property

  • The flat is in a great location that is quiet and only a block away from restaurants, shops, etc. The flat is very well equipped for everything that you would need for a home away from home feel
  • Savor a glass of wine on the cozy porch, while enjoying a hill breeze and panoramic views. This rustic villa features all-natural building materials, a closed bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a loft space with futon bed and a massive garden.
  • Gaze over stunning 180-degree views of the country side from the expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows of this lovely, rustic villa. Comfortable furnishings in timeless styles perfectly complement the simple architecture.
  • Colorful artwork adorns the walls throughout this curated interior, designed by premier architects. Find inspiration in an urban minimalist home with original details, and chic furnishings throughout
  • Period pieces and a secret garden harken back to times past at this elegant residence in the heart of a small town in the suburbs. Take your coffee on the terrace or relax with a glass of wine in the alfresco sitting area


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