There are so many combinations that you can achieve with this plugin. None of the demos below are hard coded. These were achieved by selecting the most suitable options to demonstrate the overall capabilities of this plugin. So much more can be achieved, it all depends on your creativity.


Integrates with woocommerce allowing you total flexibility on a wide variety of payment gateways this platform supports and the many e-commerce solutions.

Golf – Tee time

You can set up deals using the single day and time mode. You can set up cost per time slot and mark it as a deal. Deals will be categorized by day time (Morning/afternoon/evening).

Booking a cab

This demo showcases what it looks like creating predefined locations with cost varying from one place to another.

Car rental

This demo showcases the use of multiple services where each service represents a pick up location and multiple availabilities where each availability represents a car. Above all this is tied into the search function which allows searching for an available car to rent in this case.

Book a table

In this demo, we can see how by setting up each table as a separate availability, with seats set up for each table, we can achieve a restaurant booking form. Simple, done.

Bike rental

This demo showcases creating a single service but multiple availabilites where each availability represents a bike where selecting multiple availabilities is enabled. What this means is that multiple bikes can be selected for the same period during the booking.

Boat rental

This demo showcases how you can use multiple availabilities to represent an area on a map. All labels have been customized as to highlight a boat rental service in all it’s glory. Note also the use of optional extras to allow buying refreshments during the trip.

Incremental Input with quantity limit

This demo makes use of Incremental Input with quantity. Quantity can be limited by full day or time slot depending on the service mode in use. When quantity is exhausted, booking will close for the selected period.

Cleaners service

This demo highlights how by using the single day and time mode, you can enable multiple slot selection. Demo also includes how you can provide additional services along with the booking such as cleaning material and cleaning frequency which includes an extra charge.

Moving truck service

This demo showcases a heavy use of Maps to highlight the truck rental location and then the moving location, where the customer can insert the departure and destination. This will output the calculated distance and duration of the trip in the summary. Extra services can also be selected such as a protection package and other offers.

Book a meeting room

This demo highlights 24 hour booking which extends into the next day. Each room is a separate availability and a room can be booked from 6am to 6am the following day. Minimum of 2 hours of booking time required.

Multiple days in a package

You can add one or more days within a package. This demo add 6 days to a package and when the seats runs out, the next 6 days are made available for booking.

Maps, directions with way points

This demo showcases how you can make use of the many mapping features sported by Calendarista. A person making the booking will be able to create waypoints en route to their destination, view the route on the map, get calculated distance and duration. Even though not visible on this demo, you can also set up cost by km/mile travelled.

Public Calendar

You can add a public calendar on any page or post to display data relating to bookings made on any service. Data such as customer name, email, number of seats booked, any custom form fields you may have used and so forth. This example uses only the availability name, in this case they are staff members who are assigned an availability on the service.

Change over days

This demo showcases how it is possible to setup check-in and check-out. Your customer will be able to check-in after a customer has checked out and vice versa. This is a typical setup when renting a place.

The flower shop

This demo makes use of a single service of type “single day and time” with multiple availabilities, where each availability is a bouquet selection. The customer form builder is used to allow registering the customers delivery address.

Tennis court

This demo uses the single day and time mode with multiple time slot selection enabled. Depending on your business, you can enable several different types of date and time selection modes. The player name can be collected by creating one or more fields using the custom form builder. In this case a single “Player name” textbox is used.

Water sports activity trip

This demo mimics a water sport activity service that makes use of guests functionality to add the number of people coming on the trip. In this case we accomodate a group of 5 people per boat. The date is blocked off the calendar once it is booked.

Wellness SPA

This demo makes use of padding time. After a booking comes through, there is prep time between each appointment allow the SPA center to prepare for the next appointment.

Multi days selection (Non sequential)

This demo makes use of the multiple single days selection mode. Your customers will be able to select one or more days that are non sequential in any order and book them. Obviously you can set a limit on the minimum and maximum days that they will be able to select at a time.

Multi days with time selection (Non sequential)

This demo makes use of the multiple single days along with time selection mode. Your customers will be able to select one or more days that are non sequential in any order and book them. Obviously you can set a limit on the minimum and maximum days that they will be able to select at a time.

Payment providers out of the box

The plugin supports Paypal, Stripe and Woocommerce out of the box. The follow demo showcases Paypal and Stripe. For any other payment provider that you would like to use, you’d enable woocommerce which has support for an unimaginable number of payment providers.


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