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The #1 WordPress booking plugin

  • Avoid overbooking
  • Optimized for mobile, thank you bootstrap
  • A simple prominent system that stands out and encourages people to book.
  • Effortless and rapid booking system with as few steps as possible.
  • Booking enabled directly on your website. No third party website involved.

Customers can only book what you have available

Avoid overbooking

If you only have limited places available for booking, you might get more requests than you can handle in a particular day. This will result in overbooking if you’re using a simple contact form as a booking form.

But with Calendarista you won’t encounter this problem. Customers can only book what you have available. You will be able to adjust available seats and setup holidays and sync availability with third party systems that can publish and consume iCAL feeds. This means that your business is always up-to-date.

Adjusts to your needs

Discover the smartest, most adjustable booking plugin of your life. Designed with simplicity in mind, your customers  will be able to book effortlessly.

The Most Powerful Booking System. Say hello to Calendarista.

Crush your goals. Not your plans!

With more than 10 official ways to create a booking, there’s something for almost any type of business. This plug-in offers a slew of must-have features specific to booking that make a pretty strong case for anybody to consider becoming a Calendarista.

1. Single day

Book an available appointment at any particular date.

2. Single day and time

Book an appointment at any available date and “time”. Time selection can allow multiple slot selection and can be limited by seats.

3. Single day with time range

These time slots are clever, original and inventive. The start and end slots will adjust to allow a range selection.

4. Date and time range

Select a valid date range. When date range includes a single day, the time slots will adjust to allow a valid range.

5. Booking a date range

Multiple continuous days can be booked in a range. When booking multiple days, you will also be able to trigger a special cost that applies based on the number of selected days.

6. Booking a round trip

Need to setup a trip to somewhere? Perfect! You can select a departure date and a return date. The return date can include a separate fixed cost.

7. Changeover days booking

Every property has a dedicated changeover day, this is the day when one customer checks-in while another checks-out. A typical setup for hotels i.e. check-out in the morning and check-in during the afternoon and vice versa.

8. Booking a package

Plan an over-the-top super package deal(s). When a customer books a package, they are booking a set of days grouped together as a whole. Availability can also be controlled by seats.

9. Round trip with time

Add some accuracy to your round trips. Round trips can include time as in pick up date and “time” and drop date and “time”.

10. Timeslots with padding

If your service requires preparation time before and after an appointment, you can easily set padding’s to accomodate for this scenario.

Running a transport service?

Does your booking engine calculate distance from pick up location to drop location and tell you how much it costs? Calendarista™ does!

Setting up departure and destination routes

Do what’s right for your business

We have thoroughly analayzed the transportation sector in order to deliver a solution that meets your business. Stop guessing what booking plugin to choose!

Whether you are a taxi service, a limo service or a moving van service, this plugin will help you put together a solution – the Smart Way.

So many ways to book

You can do as much or as little as you want.

Make choices that fit your business. This plug-in is made for people like you who challenge their limits! Regardless of the business you are in, approach it safely with Calendarista™

Everytime you meet a new client, you will be armed with the most cutting edge booking system capable of achieving any practical solution with no wasted time, effort or money.

Your new booking plug-in has arrived!

Greatness never stops. To stay ahead of the pack, you need a booking plug-in that blends into your site. Pick one from the 14 color choices available.

Blue Green


Green Yellow


Yellow Orange


Orange Red


Gray Blue


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Violet Blue


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Maybe it’s the Nike Air Jordan you’ve always wanted. Or those designer Ray-Ban. They’re what you love – and they don’t come cheap. So switch to Calendarista, because you could save 75% or more compared with some of the other booking plug-ins. And that would help make the things you love that much easier to get.